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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Rice Puto ( Flower version)

Rice Puto na lasang coconut at korteng bulaklak . ang korte ng cake na ito ay nagmula sa lutong intsik na kung tawagin nila ay smiling cake.. iniba ko lang ang mga sangkap,para tumugma sa ating mga Pinoy

7 servings only..double ingredients if want more servings..

100 grams Rice Flour /galapong not glutinous flour /almost 1 cup
1 tsp Baking powder
3 tbsp cane sugar
1 tsp any cooking oil is okay
3 drops of vanilla essence/optional

cooking method is steaming process in high level

1.Add ingredients into a bowl and mix well with a spoon , until nice and smooth..
Rice Flour . baking powder. sugar, coconut milk. coconut oil. and vanila .

2. line pudding cups pour in the batter..

3..then steam the cakes in high heat for about 15 minutes..make sure water is boiling before you start cooking..

4.they're done once skewers comes out clean, puto may not bloom in low heat..

that.s all and enjoy your puto snack ...
i like it with hot cup of green tea..

video cooking...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ube Cassava Cake Recipe (Steamed)

Steamed Cake , Savory Pinoy Delicacy,perfect combination of
Purple Yam and Cassava , just like eating rice cake ,kalamay or halayang ube 

i wanted to eat Halayang ube and Cassava cake ,so why not cook them together in one recipe..
here is the result ...  in one bite ,two recipes in your mouth ..perfect ..TRY IT NOW!

servings.. 2 cakes ,round 9x4 inches dip .plus one llanera size
cooking time ..45 minutes
preparing time ..  =.=

1 kilo fresh cassava or yuca root
1 kilo purple yam
3 to 4 cups washed sugar/adjust according to your taste
3 matured coconut ( 5 to 6 cups coconut cream )
2 tbsp melted butter ( 1 tbsp for brushing )
4 cups grated cheese ,add as you like ,choose good cheese
2 cups sweet KAONG(palm Fruit) , or use macapuno
2 whole eggs

Things you need on making the recipe
Banana leaf or alum foil
9x4 baking Tin (round shape) any shape is fine of course
water for making coconut milk
water for steamer
wooden spoon and huge bowl
knife for slicing
grater ,to grate cassava and ube
cheese cloth for making coconut milk
mashed potato utensil or fork

Preparation and Cooking

1.. peel off the skin of cassava , then use grater for making grated cassava, remove the juices from cassava using cheese cloth ..set aside

2 .wash purple yam , boil until soft , peel off skin and smash the boiled ube ,..until you make a mashed ube..set aside

Get your Steamer and pour half amount of water , let it boil while we prepare the mixture
ready your tray with banana leaves and greased with oil 

3. in a huge mixing bowl, combine grated cassava and purple yam , add 2 cups sugar ,stirring until becomes purple color..adjust sugar while mixing

4. next we can put coconut cream or milk ,continue stirring until completely combined
lack of liquid makes your cake tough , add more liquid if want soft texture and not rubbery .

5. next crack the eggs and put them in and mix again

6.meanwhile we can add 2 tbsp butter..continue mixing..

7.then pour in the batter ,and scattered the palm fruit on top,then steam and cook for about 45 minutes or so...cover with banana leaves or cheese cloth if you have..then check it sometimes, while cooking..

8..when you think its already cooked ,brush some butter on top of the cake ..let it cool for a minutes then ready to slice..or serve while it's warm..


Video Cooking here...

Friday, April 28, 2017

Kadyos Baboy Langka (KBL Recipe)

KBL or Kadyos, Baboy, Langka is an Ilonggo dish, which i never tried . and very similar to sinigang ..usually they use batwan fruit to make a sour soup flavor ..


2 pieces Pata (pork hocks)  sliced into pieces
1 unripe Jack fruit, cubed
2 cups pigeon pea (kadyos) soaked in water for an hour
1 cup Ripe tamarind juice or add more if desired /or use batwan fruit
12 cups water /adjust
Kamote tops (or any vegetable you like ,string beans ,kangkong etc)
Salt and pepper or use Fish sauce
4 chili pepper /siling haba
1 bundle of lemon grass/ or ginger /optional

Preparation and Procedure

In a pot with water, add lemon grass ,boil pork for 10 to 15 minutes to remove traces of scam ,remove from boiling water ,wash and rinse ..

I will grill the pork using turbo for about 40 minutes or just cook it slowly in a pot for about 1 to hours until becomes tender ..

while boiling or grilling the pata ..let us saute garlic onions and tomatoes with 2 tbsp oil  until fragrant..

after we grilled or boiled pata we can cook them in a pressure cooker
Add pork , kadyos beans and langka cubes and sauteed ingredients . pour some amount of water just to cover the meat ..add a pieces of ginger or lemon grass and cook for an hour ..

After an hour ,remove lemon grass or tanlad ,we can now add tamarind juice and chili pepper ,seasoned with salt or patis..adding black pepper is a choice , cook for another 10-15 minutes

make sure the langka kadyos and pork are tender before adding sour ingredients....then we can adjust the taste ..
the last part add Kamote leaves cook for 2 to 5 minutes and done
adjustments of water is up to you ..

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Paksiw na Banak (Sea Mullet)

May nakakakilala ba sa isdang ito? Banak ay isdang malimit kong kainin noong bata, maliban sa Paksiw wala pa akong natatandaang luto na maaring gawin sa isdang banak..
according sa source isa raw itong mamahaling isda ..pero sa pagkakaalam ko noong ako ay bata pa...pagkain ito ng mahihirap...ewan , ano nga ba ?

Sa Japan ang Banak ay halos sinlalaki ng Bangus ,at hindi ko pa nasubukan bumili o tikman dahil sa laki ay natatakot ako paano ito lulutuin ...

Anyway , dahil namiss ko nga ito ,at bibihira na makakita ng isdang ito...nang makakita ako nito ay dali dali kong binili niluto ng papaksiw..

Mga Sangkap..
4 na piraso ng isdang Banak (medium size)
1/2 vinegar
1 1/2 cup water
turmeric or luyang dilaw
1 clove garlic
pulang sibuyas
paminta buo at durog
3 pirasong ampalayang ligaw
7 talong na maliliit
patis to taste
siling haba

paghahanda at pagluluto

1.hiwain ang gulay sa gustong hiwa

2.hiwain ang bawang at sibuyas at pitpitin ang luya pati na ang turmeric isang lutuan ,lagyan ng tubig ,at pagsama samahin ang mga sangkap at isda..
lutuin sa tamang apoy ...

4.kapag lumuwa na ang mata ng isda ,luto na ang isda ..then adjust ang timpla at maari ng ihain .

video cook and eat here...

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Pagkaing kinaugaliang lutuin sa araw ng Holy week?
Naniniwala man o hindi ,nakaugalian na itong lutuin tulad ng mga ginataan o kakanin..

Today itinuro ko sa Pamilya ko ang pagluto ng Ginataang Halo Halo na may malagkit na kung iisipin mo parang binignit ng Cebu ginagamitan ng Landang na gawa sa Bule .

Mga Sangkap
Pampamilyang Sukat 

1 cup Sticky Rice
3 mature Coconut / for making Coconut Milk and Cream
3 medium Size Ube Kamote
3 medium size Yellow Kamote
3 small size Gabi or Taro root
3 pieces na Saging na Saba
3 cups Luto ng Sago /Tapioca Pearl
1/4 kilo of Fresh Langka
2 cups washed sugar
2 leaf of pandan

Pag-hahanda at Pag-luluto

1.Kung Naasiman sa Saging, Lutuin ito sa Asukal na may Pandan upang gawing minatamis...hiwain ng sa gustong laki at matamisin ang saging..set aside muna

2.Hugasan ang 1 cup sticky rice at lutuin sa tubig or 4 cups na coconut milk , haluin habang niluluto hanggang lumambot ang bigas na parang lugaw...set aside

3..Sa isang malaking lutuan ilagay ang 4 cups na Coconut Milk ,simmer but not boiling haluin ng bahagya at saka ilagay ang kamote at gabi...palambuten ng bahagya

4.Ilagay ang nilutong malagkit na bigas ,haluin at ihulog ang asukal ,sago.langka
haluin para pumantay ang luto at lasa..bahagyang lutuin .

5..Kapag siguradong luto na , ibuhos ang kakang gata para lalong masarap at malinamnam..lutuin ng mga 2 minuto habang hinahalo at ready to serve na...

Enjoy po..

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Real Fruit Juice Mosaic Jelly

Colorful Glass Jello ..Gelatine Recipe
You can enjoy this on any occasion or just serve with your family ..

Mosaic jello / Real Fruit juice Recipe 

Ingredients and procedure

You will need

Moulder Tray - Container size and design shape you like /i use square plastic container..
4 sachet of unflavored gelatine powder/plain/mr gulaman
Kitchen utensils for making this recipe

8 cups Water
4 tbsp of sugar
Condensed milk /adjust 

Any Aroma Essence pineapple,vanilla, and so on
Fresh fruits  like Mango,Orange,Dragon Fruit,Kiwi /Pandan or green tea..or fruits you like 


Wash and clean fruits .peel and cut .. according to its color put fruit in a blender ,do it separately to make puree and add little water.. 

Every fruits we need to make 1 cup puree 
                                   1 cup water
                                   1 tbsp of sugar
                                   1 tbsp plain gulaman powder 
                                    adding a drop of essence is fine too..

Then Pour 1 cup of water into each pan. let it boil 

Stir to dissolve the 1 tbsp of gelatin granules in it, add 1 tbsp of sugar stirring often to dissolved sugar . then when it's done , off the heat

going to bowl of fruit puree combine together ..stir until become one color ..drop an essence /vanilla ,almond or fruit essence 

Pour in a tray and allow to cool until very firm..

Do the same procedure for the other fruits ..

When all jelly is firm, cut them up into small cubes and put in all in a tray (moulder tray you like ). Set aside in the fridge while you do the next preparation.

BINDER Preparation

Combine 2 cups water and 1 cup condensed milk (adding heavy cream is fine too)just adjust measurement..set aside

Dissolve 4 tablespoons unflavoured gelatine in 2 cups water, bring to boil..remove from fire 
then fold in condensed milk 
then add a drop of pineapple essence ...


Standby the Tray of Fruits Jelly ..Then Quickly but slowly Pour in the condensed mixture .. set aside to cool down and put in the fridge until firm..
invert jelly mould ,slice and serve..enjoy..
it's best to consume early or until 2 days..

VIDEO Demonstration here...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Luweeh Hawaiian Fried Rice

Easy and Simple Meal for your table
eat with fresh green salad and hot soup then you have delicious meal..

you can add any ingredients you like..

Fried Rice with Pineapple


392 grams cooked rice
120 grams fresh pineapple cut into small bits
Sweet Ham 100 grams/cut into small bites pieces
44 grams of fresh paprika or red bell pepper and yellow pepper
1 small size white onion /chopped
some green chives
salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tsp fish sauce
1 tsp scallop powder

Method of cooking
1.scramble the eggs and fry ,set aside

2.saute or fry the cut fresh pineapple in a frying pan,adding a little oil is fine ,sprinkle with black pepper salt and 1 tsp oyster sauce ,cook for at least 2 minutes.set aside

3.clean the pan and add some cooking oil ,saute onion garlic and bell pepper in one minute

4. put pineapple chunks  and ham stir and cover for 1 minute

5. then add cooked rice ,put 1 tbsp of oyster sauce, 1 tbsp ketsup more salt and pepper to taste
fish sauce is optional..toss everything together cover for a few minutes then done

6.sprinkle with green chives you like and add the cooked egg on top of rice or mix them together..

Video cooking here

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saging na Turon with Chocolate Drizzled

Banana Spring Roll or Sweet Lumpia
 Maiba naman requested by my daughter adding chocolate is great.

I made cookies with chocolate drizzled ,naisip namin mag ina na gawin ito sa saging na turon..why not coconut..
ayun sa madaling salita...nag madali mag luto early morning..nalimutan na ang lunch..
nasarapan at nagenjoy ang mga kasama ko..


Simple lang ang mga Sangkap
nadagdagan lang ng chocolate ang inyong TURON na SAGING
Saging na Saba/ bahala na kayo gaano ang dami ng lulutuin
sweet langka/jack fruit
cooking oil
hershey chocolate syrup or any chocolate syrup


1.ihanda ang lumpia wrapper ,takpan ng moist cloth para di manigas

2.alisin ang balat ng saging na saba at hiwain ng paapat

3.hiwain ng medyo manipis ang langka

4 .ihanda ang asukal at igulong dito ang hiniwang asukal

5.isalansan ang hiniwang saging na may coated na asukal at langka sa lumpia wrapper ,balutin ng medyo pa pipe ang haba

6..kapag nabalot ng lahat, ihanda ang kawali na may mantikang pag lulutuan..painitin..

7 iprito ang mga lumpia hanggang sa maging malutong at kulay brown..
hanguin at palamigin

8..buhusan ng chocolate syrup ang mga lumpia..
and enjoy your meryenda..

perfect sa sarap..adjust your  sugar according sa inyong panlasa..