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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Chocolate Palitaw Recipe

Palitaw na chocolate ang lasa na may chocolate den sa loob..mukhang masarap di ba?
kase ako personally sarap na sarap dito, many times ko na itong niluluto kase addictive..

Sounds not common ? do you know in Japan it is common usually you can see them in many store
especially in Valentines Day..i love this sweet food but it's not Palitaw . it is MOCHI CHOCO ..
honestly i'm not a Mochi lover or but because of this, i crave a lot on Valentines day only..
and know what, it has chocolate stuffed too ,that's why it's very special and yummy..

I decided to make it in our Filipino Kakanin version ,which is bilo bilo or Palitaw 

Now you can imagine , that it is very easy to cook .right?


6 tbsp coconut Milk
1 tbsp warm water 
4 tbsp COCOA POWDER/ you can use sweetened cocoa
and any Chocolate Candies for stuffing /i used TRUFFLES

Let's Start cooking

1..First is you need a mixing bowl..Combine glutinous rice flour and Cocoa..stir until well combined..

2..Pour 6 tbsp coconut milk and 1 tbsp warm water..mix until thickens and form like a dough 
adjust liquid if needed..not too sticky but not too dry..then massage it with your clean hands .

3..Get ready for your filling,cut into small size,big filling might run out while we boil the palitaw and of course , get ready your boiling water 


4..then we 're going to make a palitaw ball..with a clean hands..grab one tbs scoop of the dough 
make a round shaped using your palm and flattened to fill the chocolate .and seal it to cover the filling and slowly roll it it again in your palm to form a ball ..and continue the method..

And carefully press the palitaw balls a bit , we don't want our palitaw to be like like bilo bilo..

5..Now if boiling water is ready, drop carefully the Palitaw Choco one by one 
once you see them floats ,it's a sign that their are cooked ..
remove it and place in a dish with grated coconut..

6..and now merienda is done, eat warm or cool completely ..
serve with muscovado sugar or anything you like to sprinkle ..
because of the chocolate filling , i think you don't need anything ..just a cup of warm tea is enough..

ENJOY, hope you try it at home and serve with your friends and visitors..


Kalabasa Curry Recipe

A Filipino style of making Pumpkin Curry ,Just with simple ingredients...
usually it's composed of Coconut milk and Curry powder..usually chicken meat is popular in making filipino curry..this time i added squash to make more healthier ..


1/4 cut of whole squash /cut into 2 inches cube size
1/4 kilo of chicken thigh /blanched into 2 minutes/or skip the method
120 mil coconut milk /almost 1 cup and 2 tbsp
1 piece of red bell pepper or fresh paprika pepper/pimiento
1 bundle of green beans/optional /about 10 to 12 pieces /cut into halves
1 medium tomato/ sliced and removed seeds
1 medium onion/chopped
a pieces of garlic/crusted /minced is ok
2 to 3 sliced of ginger
2 tbsp sesame oil/any cooking oil
salt and pepper or use fish sauce
3 tsp turmeric powder/ give yellow color and healthy spices
1 to 2 tbsp of curry powder /add more if want more curry flavor
1 to 2 piece of laurel leaf
some chili pepper /if want more spicy flavor add more

how to cook..

1.All ingredient must cut into 2 inches or depends what cut you like is fine,unless you can bite eat easily ..

2..Heat 1 tbsp of sesame oil in a skillet..fry chicken meat for about 2 minutes
sprinkle with salt and pepper..throw 3 sliced of ginger, stir for a while cover with the lid steam for 30 minutes..

3..after than,add garlic , onion and 3 dried chili ...stir fry them together with the meat until you smell the aroma of garlic..

4.meanwhile . add 3 tsp of turmeric powder called luyang dilaw in tagalog.. stir for a while and 
after a few seconds add the tomato..continue to sautee ,we can pour fresh coconut milk ,adding water is depends on you..
then season with fish sauce adjust the taste according to you..

6..then we can also add the sliced pumpkin .green beans and red bell pepper..adjust the seasoning if you like..stir for a while .then cover with lid and cook for a medium low heat for about 15 minutes or so..or check it sometimes ..

7..when meat and vegetable are completely cooked..
transfer to a serving bowl or dish..and ready to serve..

enjoy your meal..

hope you like this recipe..

video cooking tutorial here...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Talong Sisig Recipe

Eggplant Sisig or Sizzling Sisig na Talong ...
TALONG in Japanese is NASU..

hi everyone..Let me share my SISIG in Talong version with some minced's appetizing and perfect ulam or pulutan..and for kids who hate eggplant ..try this..
but cook the onion very well ,most kids hate onions..

I have problem with my daughter when it comes eating vegetables , she only knew Ginisang Bitsuelas , patatas, repolyo , and i noticed when i cooked vegetables with meat ,she eats..
so i follow my Princess, i cooked dish just to satisfies the craving of my daughter and of course my hubby too..with balance menu..

Talking about my hubby ,i have to be careful about his diet ,he is not getting younger , especially of blood pressure , so if possible i served him healthier dish..different dish in a small amount..
it's matrabaho but , it's my job to take care of their diet..Japanese way of eating meal served in small amount and variety of time i'll try to share ,what Japanese usually eats in their meal..

Anyway ,i want to share this Recipe TALONG SISIG..i just realized this dish can convince my daughter to eat TALONG..yeah ..job accomplished 
...she loves it..for my hubby , i served a very small amount..

the remaining sisig is for me ..enough for 3 people ako yung tataba ?

Let's Get Started..

I have 3 Japanese eggplant here..small size .if you have long size, just use 2 Pieces..
or use more eggplant if you will serve for a big family ..

First step ,i have to wash the Talong then cut or slice in small make a sisig looks..
you can cook it alone with out adding any meat ..but as i said my daughter can't eat vegetables with out meat..okay?

Soak in salt water for a while while preparing other mixture or cut the eggplant later..

List of the INGREDIENTS..

3 small size Japanese eggplant
100 grams Minced Pork or chicken/ blanched into 2 minutes/you can skip this
2 piece of chicken liver/ blanched into 2 minutes /you can also marinate this with vinegar or calamansi with salt and pepper..
2 tbsp VINEGAR
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
Salt and Black pepper to taste or use FISH SAUCE
1 medium size red onion/minced
1 piece garlic/crusted
some chopped ginger
11/2 tbsp Sesame Oil

FOR SIZZLING Ingredients and toppings..

1 tbsp BUTTER
1/2 tbsp sesame oil
1 Egg
Chili Pepper/siling labuyo


1.Strain the cut eggplant and drained..Then heat your skillet adding 1 tbsp of sesame oil..
fry cut eggplant about 2 minutes..set aside

2. in the same skillet add 1/2 tbsp oil and fry minced meat add 1 pice garlic for aroma , season with salt and pepper , after a few seconds put in the sliced chicken liver along with chopped garlic

3..pan fry them together until become toasted .. we can add cooked eggplant into the meat..add  chopped onion too
pan fry the ingredients until you satisfied the with the texture..

Then remove from the heat ...or transfer into a mixing bowl.

5..We 're going to add 1 tbsp soy sauce.2 tbsp vinegar ,add more if want more sour taste..
adjust the black pepper,adding chili powder is fine or cayenne pepper..
and lastly put in the fresh chopped red onion..mix it well..

Now, you can ready to serve it in a dish and add some flavorful seasoning you like
like mayonnaise and calamansi..adding chicharon is either nice too..

6.But then. when you say SISIG,usually it serves in a Hot Sizzling Plate..
if you have it..get it and serve sisig like a pro..serve Talong Sisig that no one knows ..right?

7..heat your plate in burner in medium low heat..add 1 tbsp of butter and 1/2 tbsp of sesame oil
throw one dried or fresh chili or maybe crusted garlic..

8..when butter melts, pour the Talong Sisig mixture ..arrange it well ,then while it's hot .crack one egg on top if your'e allergy to egg..skip the egg..

and last drizzled with mayonnaise ...and then it's Done

Ready to serve...use pot holder when holding the sizzling plate..

sliced Lemon and put in the side of Sisig to have good presentation..

cook the egg very well if you not like the yolk in raw form 

with mayonnaise or chicharon on top is also perfect..

if you just eat it alone..presentation is not needed..but ..but.. remember..
when a dish arranged neat and nice , it helps your mind to relax to, you're eyes will smile ,and  not just looks yummy..
it's also stress relieving good food ,neat environment ,and surrounded with positivity ..
Your meal is the best of all the rest ...Happy Eating..

sarap grabe

Tips of the Day

To avoid getting Big..
                by LUWEEH

if you feel FULL ..Then Stop..
 "You eat because you're hungry
Don't Eat Because Your'e Stress
Listen to your Stomach ,not Your MOUTH.."



Maybe you gonna like this too..
Sizzling Ginisang LABANOS , it's Fantastic TRY IT..
bit spicy ..Perfect appetizer or just eat with steamed Rice..

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Maja de Kalabasa

slightly pan fry sweet desiccated coconut on top and latik if you have 

Traditionally,Maja Blanca is made of with sweet corn and topped with latik or toasted desiccated coconut ,others adding shredded cheese ,
when you like something , you tend to create various taste or try another flavor.

Since Squash is healthy , we know some kids don't like vegetables ,just like my daughter, if you don't create something looks yummy ,she won't eat it..or don't serve her a dish with a sliced of squash in her me, she'll never touch it..

so to find flavors that suits my daughter's taste..i tried to cheat her just to eat pumpkin..
like mixing it in a cake ,ice cream , muffin or any thing that she thinks it's not taste squash but she knew it is a squash..

anyway, i just feel bored today just because of the weather this week...rain yesterday,rain tomorrow ..and rain the next day..

yeah. i love squash even it's only steamed or boiled, remember it's good for the eyes.

okay.okay,i think i talk too much..

Let me share what i made today, i had a left over Squash ..salad? miso soup? muffin? chiffon? ice cream? but no ingredients available ..
well , i check my ref... coconut milk is there .so i decided to make a kakanin..

i remember the Maja Blanca Kalabasa way back 2013 , when i first tried it ,and it tastes really really good..


1 cup cooked squash and smashed 
3 cups of coconut milk or more 
or 3 package 120 ml each times 3 equals 360 ml 
1 cup Cornstarch
1 cup Condensed Milk or add more if you like sweeter taste 
 i used COCONUT SUGAR 1 cup ..just to make it healthier

grated cheese
or toasted coconut


If You like Creamy and Soft Maja Kalabasa lessen the Pumpkin like 1/2 cup only 
or lessen the cornstarch like 1/2 cup only 
but me?? , i want a dense but soft and melt in your mouth Maja kalabasa ..not creamy one..
pure coconut milk without water makes melt in your mouth..i assure you..

adding grated cheese into the mixture gives also a better taste..

So water is not needed here or fresh milk... adding this is your decision ..
adjust or add if you like...all recipes are depends on you and preferences ..what you believe and what you traditionally it your way..
and this is my method... i love coconut milk than cows milk..period..

"You can Cook Coconut Milk first if you want ."
before adding the cornstarch..
but in my method what i have learned in my high school days,and from the book i've had read..
they mixed up all ingredients and then begin to cook..
so if you believe yourself , follow your way and i will do my method..okay..

Before you start make sure the Squash are ready. boiled and smashed 

Procedure ...

1..prepare 2 mixing bowl
first bowl ....
combine 1 cup of coconut milk and sugar or condensed milk , mix it well to dissolved sugar ..

now add mashed pumpkin here...mix until smooth and become yellow color...then set aside

2 .second bowl 
put 2 cups of coconut milk , and 1  cornstarch in a bowl
slowly stir with wire whisk to dissolve the cornstarch ..

3. when both bowl are completed , get your skillet or frying pan .

Now Skillet is ready, get a strainer and strain the first bowl of kalabasa ...

4.. now ready to pour the second bowl of dissolved cornstarch..stir for a few seconds..
i mean combine both mixture 1st bowl and 2nd bowl into the skillet ..after you finish strained the squash mixture..

5 .then bring it to heat..turn on medium low fire, and stir the mixture constantly
until thickens, about 7 to 8 minutes..depends on your cooking ware and heat and the amount of your mixture.

6..don't over cook .. try to taste if cornstarch is cooked ..
so when maja kalabasa thickened and cooked , turn off the heat  , pour on your preserve moulder ..
allow to cool down before slicing ..or eat while it's warm.. 

then flip it over ..

Eat with your favorite toppings..

i sprinkle it with sweet dessicated coconut and supposed to be a latik , but no available here..
toast your dried coconut if desired..i want fresh grated coconut here so that's why you see the coconut are not toasted brown's just slightly pan fried..


VIDEO cooking is under Construction..
i have old video of this recipe...but i think you gonna hate it..quality is not good or maybe annoying..

just in case you like to watch my old video..wait the video of this recipe..thank you

Cooked in the Philippines 2013 

anyway..Happy Cooking 
from Luweeh /Japan..

muah..see you 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Rice Puto ( Flower version)

Rice Puto na lasang coconut at korteng bulaklak . ang korte ng cake na ito ay nagmula sa lutong intsik na kung tawagin nila ay smiling cake.. iniba ko lang ang mga sangkap,para tumugma sa ating mga Pinoy

7 servings only..double ingredients if want more servings..

100 grams Rice Flour /galapong not glutinous flour /almost 1 cup
1 tsp Baking powder
3 tbsp cane sugar
1 tsp cooking oil
3 drops of vanilla essence/optional

cooking method is steaming process in high level

1.Add ingredients into a bowl and mix well with a wire whisk , until nice and smooth..
Rice Flour . baking powder. sugar, fresh milk. cooking oil. and vanila .

2. line pudding cups pour in the batter..

3..then steam the cakes in very high heat for about 15 minutes..make sure water is boiling before you start cooking..

4. they're done once skewers comes out clean, puto may not bloom in low heat..

that.s all and enjoy your puto snack ...
i like it with hot cup of green tea..

video cooking...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ube Cassava Cake Recipe (Steamed)

Steamed Cake , Savory Pinoy Delicacy,perfect combination of
Purple Yam and Cassava , just like eating rice cake ,kalamay or halayang ube 

i wanted to eat Halayang ube and Cassava cake ,so why not cook them together in one recipe..
here is the result ...  in one bite ,two recipes in your mouth ..perfect ..TRY IT NOW!

servings.. 2 cakes ,round 9x4 inches dip .plus one llanera size
cooking time ..45 minutes
preparing time ..  =.=

1 kilo fresh cassava or yuca root
1 kilo purple yam
3 to 4 cups washed sugar/adjust according to your taste
3 matured coconut ( 5 to 6 cups coconut cream )
2 tbsp melted butter ( 1 tbsp for brushing )
4 cups grated cheese ,add as you like ,choose good cheese
2 cups sweet KAONG(palm Fruit) , or use macapuno
2 whole eggs

Things you need on making the recipe
Banana leaf or alum foil
9x4 baking Tin (round shape) any shape is fine of course
water for making coconut milk
water for steamer
wooden spoon and huge bowl
knife for slicing
grater ,to grate cassava and ube
cheese cloth for making coconut milk
mashed potato utensil or fork

Preparation and Cooking

1.. peel off the skin of cassava , then use grater for making grated cassava, remove the juices from cassava using cheese cloth ..set aside

2 .wash purple yam , boil until soft , peel off skin and smash the boiled ube ,..until you make a mashed ube..set aside

Get your Steamer and pour half amount of water , let it boil while we prepare the mixture
ready your tray with banana leaves and greased with oil 

3. in a huge mixing bowl, combine grated cassava and purple yam , add 2 cups sugar ,stirring until becomes purple color..adjust sugar while mixing

4. next we can put coconut cream or milk ,continue stirring until completely combined
lack of liquid makes your cake tough , add more liquid if want soft texture and not dense

5. next crack the 2 eggs in a small bowl and put them in to the mixture and mix again

6.meanwhile we can add 2 tbsp butter..continue mixing..

7.once the batter mixture are ready, we can now pour it in our preserve tray and scattered the palm fruit on top,then steam and cook for about 45 minutes or so...cover with banana leaves or cheese cloth if you have..then check it sometimes, while cooking..

8..when you think its almost cooked ,brush some butter on top of the cake ..allow to cool completely then ready to slice..or serve while it's warm..


sarap nito ,grabe promise..subukan nyo..

Video Cooking here...