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Monday, December 30, 2013

Ube Kutsinta with no Lye water

 Alin ang naiba sa kutsinta? Naging Ube ano?
Kase nga" Most of us are familiar with the brown kutsinta or parang orange color,
this time i made a purple kutsinta..grabe bagay ang lasa

   At alam natin Kutsinta is popular of using lye water, and if possible i'm avoiding to use it.
so if you want to use lye water ,it is your choice.
and there's no artificial color added here but totoong kulay ng ube..

   so pumili kayo ng matingkad na ube,minsan kase may ube na maputla..
at don't worry , Ang lasa is masarap at lasa pa reng Kutsinta..bakit hindi nyo subukan ng malaman..

Less ube gets lighter ube kutsinta..

VIDEO MAKING...for quick view of cooking

     to continue cooking here ...

1 1/2 cup water
1/2 cup mashed ube
1/2 cup brown sugar or add more
1 1/2 cup cassava powder 
1/4 cup cornstarch or plain na arina 

If using tapioca starch ...use 1 cup tapioca starch instead of 1 1/2 cup
and 1 cup of cornstarch..


1/2 to 1 cup cup brown sugar...dilute sugar to 1 cup water and set aside

TIPS-Don't use white sugar..otherwise maging pichi pichi yung lasa brown sugar lang..

1/4 cup or 1/2 cup fresh mashed ube ..

TIPS-more ube the darker ube kutsinta you will have....
less ube , light purple ube results.

1/2 cup water..
combine ube and water to make 1 cup ingredients..make 1 cup ube liquid...

you can use blender to have finer ube or use strainer..

At Paghaluin ang 1 1/2 cup of cassava powder into diluted sugar( ang tinunaw na brown sugar )..mix well
then add 1/4 cup of cornstarch..mix well

Then mix the 2 ingredients in one bowl..
Ang ube na tinunaw sa tubig at ang cassava powder at cornstarch na tinunaw

then ready your steamer..

pour the ube mixture into molds and cook for 30 minutes or adjust time as it needed..

then with fresh grated coconut

More ube gets darker kutsinta

real ube...purple the philippines..