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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Real Fruit Juice Mosaic Jelly

Colorful Glass Jello ..Gelatine Recipe
You can enjoy this on any occasion or just serve with your family ..

Mosaic jello / Real Fruit juice Recipe 

Ingredients and procedure

You will need

Moulder Tray - Container size and design shape you like /i use square plastic container..
4 sachet of unflavored gelatine powder/plain/mr gulaman
Kitchen utensils for making this recipe

8 cups Water
4 tbsp of sugar
Condensed milk /adjust 

Any Aroma Essence pineapple,vanilla, and so on
Fresh fruits  like Mango,Orange,Dragon Fruit,Kiwi /Pandan or green tea..or fruits you like 


Wash and clean fruits .peel and cut .. according to its color put fruit in a blender ,do it separately to make puree and add little water.. 

Every fruits we need to make 1 cup puree 
                                   1 cup water
                                   1 tbsp of sugar
                                   1 tbsp plain gulaman powder 
                                    adding a drop of essence is fine too..

Then Pour 1 cup of water into each pan. let it boil 

Stir to dissolve the 1 tbsp of gelatin granules in it, add 1 tbsp of sugar stirring often to dissolved sugar . then when it's done , off the heat

going to bowl of fruit puree combine together ..stir until become one color ..drop an essence /vanilla ,almond or fruit essence 

Pour in a tray and allow to cool until very firm..

Do the same procedure for the other fruits ..

When all jelly is firm, cut them up into small cubes and put in all in a tray (moulder tray you like ). Set aside in the fridge while you do the next preparation.

BINDER Preparation

Combine 2 cups water and 1 cup condensed milk (adding heavy cream is fine too)just adjust measurement..set aside

Dissolve 4 tablespoons unflavoured gelatine in 2 cups water, bring to boil..remove from fire 
then fold in condensed milk 
then add a drop of pineapple essence ...


Standby the Tray of Fruits Jelly ..Then Quickly but slowly Pour in the condensed mixture .. set aside to cool down and put in the fridge until firm..
invert jelly mould ,slice and serve..enjoy..
it's best to consume early or until 2 days..

VIDEO Demonstration here...