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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ube Cassava Cake Recipe (Steamed)

Steamed Cake , Savory Pinoy Delicacy,perfect combination of
Purple Yam and Cassava , just like eating rice cake ,kalamay or halayang ube 

i wanted to eat Halayang ube and Cassava cake ,so why not cook them together in one recipe..
here is the result ...  in one bite ,two recipes in your mouth ..perfect ..TRY IT NOW!

servings.. 2 cakes ,round 9x4 inches dip .plus one llanera size
cooking time ..45 minutes
preparing time ..  =.=

1 kilo fresh cassava or yuca root
1 kilo purple yam
3 to 4 cups washed sugar/adjust according to your taste
3 matured coconut ( 5 to 6 cups coconut cream )
2 tbsp melted butter ( 1 tbsp for brushing )
4 cups grated cheese ,add as you like ,choose good cheese
2 cups sweet KAONG(palm Fruit) , or use macapuno
2 whole eggs

Things you need on making the recipe
Banana leaf or alum foil
9x4 baking Tin (round shape) any shape is fine of course
water for making coconut milk
water for steamer
wooden spoon and huge bowl
knife for slicing
grater ,to grate cassava and ube
cheese cloth for making coconut milk
mashed potato utensil or fork

Preparation and Cooking

1.. peel off the skin of cassava , then use grater for making grated cassava, remove the juices from cassava using cheese cloth ..set aside

2 .wash purple yam , boil until soft , peel off skin and smash the boiled ube ,..until you make a mashed ube..set aside

Get your Steamer and pour half amount of water , let it boil while we prepare the mixture
ready your tray with banana leaves and greased with oil 

3. in a huge mixing bowl, combine grated cassava and purple yam , add 2 cups sugar ,stirring until becomes purple color..adjust sugar while mixing

4. next we can put coconut cream or milk ,continue stirring until completely combined
lack of liquid makes your cake tough , add more liquid if want soft texture and not dense

5. next crack the 2 eggs in a small bowl and put them in to the mixture and mix again

6.meanwhile we can add 2 tbsp butter..continue mixing..

7.once the batter mixture are ready, we can now pour it in our preserve tray and scattered the palm fruit on top,then steam and cook for about 45 minutes or so...cover with banana leaves or cheese cloth if you have..then check it sometimes, while cooking..

8..when you think its almost cooked ,brush some butter on top of the cake ..allow to cool completely then ready to slice..or serve while it's warm..


sarap nito ,grabe promise..subukan nyo..

Video Cooking here...

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